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Augmented Reality Apps for Mechatronics and Medical Technology

The course comprises development of apps for mobile devices in the field of mechatronics and medical technology. Target operating system should be Android. A special focus is usage of display and camera for augmented reality scenarios. Image processing and visualization techniques are important side aspects. The students will get insights of the IDE Android Studio and the library Vuforia. Further topics of the course are visualization concepts, mixed reality, object recognition, navigation, etc.

During the practical programming part of the course, several teams (of two students each) will develop different apps. As starting point source code will be used from the internet as well as from former groups. The most exciting apps and source code should be placed online and/or extended in the next semesters.

Most app projects and further ideas are in the field of:

  • Medical technology,
  • Image processing,
  • Computer and robot assisted surgery,
  • Mechanisms,
  • Mechatronics,
  • Automobile, and
  • Production engineering.

The students are asked to search for the field and application that are most appealing to them. The final content of the app will be defined together with the lecturer. A main part of the oral exam is the presentation of the app and the development process.


  • Lecturer: Dr.-Ing. Lüder A. Kahrs
  • Semester: Winter and summer term
  • Date and time:  
    Every Tuesday, 3 to 6 pm in room A156 (Appelstr. 11, Building 3403)