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Computer and Robot Assisted Surgery

The Institute of Mechatronic Systems offers the course "Computer and Robot Assisted Surgery" in close corporation with the department of otolaryngology of the Medical School of Hannover.

The course discusses in detail the medical workflow of a computer assisted navigated surgery and the necessary tools. All steps of the workflow are analysed in a theoretical way, and, thereafter, applied in practical exersises. The lecture is concluded by a visit of the operation room of the otolaryngology department.


Topics (subject to alterations)

The course covers all steps of mechatronic assisted surgery, including image processing, image registration, navigation, cumputer and robot assisted surgery, minimally invasive surgery.

In detail the following topics are discussed:

  • Modern surgical therapy concepts and resulting requirements
  • Medical image acquisition and processing
  • Clinical usage of imaging modalities
  • Computer and image assisted planning of surgical interventions
  • Intraoperative navigation
  • Mechatronic and robot assisted surgery
  • Special requirements for medical robots (risk analysis, standards, etc.)
  • Current trends and upcoming systems



  • Lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tobias Ortmaier
  • Term: summer semester
  • Lectures:
    Every Wednesday 8:30-10:00, room A135 (Appelstr. 11, building 3403).
  • Tutorials:
    The tutorials are given every (approx.) second week on Wednesday 10:15 - 11:45, room A135 (Appelstr. 11, building 3403). The duration of 90 minutes is necessary due to time intensive practical demonstrations (e.g. usage of a navigation system). Dates are announced in the lecture and on StudIP.

Special features

The lecture is given in cooperation with the clinic for otolaryngogy of the Medical School of Hannover. Additionally matlab excersises and the demonstration of medical devices are planned. A visit of the operating rooms at the Medical School of Hannover is also part of the lecture.


Documents, slides and additional literature will be uploaded to StudIP. We're asking all participants to sign in there.


On 02/25/2016, the exam is at 8am in room MZ1 (building 3408, Appelstr. 9A). Duration is 90min.