Control-relevant Model Selection for Multiple-Mass Systems

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Mathias Tantau, Torben Jonsky, Zygimantas Ziaukas, Hans-Georg Jacob

Physically motivated parametric models are the basis of several techniques related to control design. Industrial model-based controller tuning methods include pole placement, symmetric optimum and damping optimum.
The challenge is that the resulting model-based controller is satisfactory only if the underlying model is appropriate.
Typically, a set of potential models is known a priori, but it is not known, which model should be used. So, the critical question in model-based controller tuning is that of model selection. Existing approaches for model selection are mostly based on maximizing accuracy, but there is no reason why the most accurate
model should also be the optimal model for control design. Given the overall aim to design a high-performance controller, in this paper the best model is considered as the one that has the potential to give a model-based controller the highest performance. The proposed method identifies parametric candidate models for control design. Then, a nonparametric model is used to predict the actual performance of the various controllers on the real system. A validation with two industry-like testbeds shows success of the method.

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