Multisensor-Configuration for Improved Identifiability and Observability of Electromechanical Motion Systems

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Mathias Tantau, Mark Wielitzka, Tobias Ortmaier

For many problems in the field of control design phenomenological models are required so that the need for parameter identification of given model structures arises. These models can be combined with observers to derive the system states in operation in addition to the parameters. However, identification and observation are limited in accuracy due to the restriction to existing series sensors. In the case of electric drives it is possible that due to elasticities in the structure part of the system is vibrating while the position sensor measures a nearly constant position. In this paper, the use of additional acceleration sensors is investigated in terms of identifiability and observability, which are installed at different points of the structure. The analysis is traced back to measures on the sensitivity matrix, where the integrating behaviour of the plant and the combination of different sensor types (position, velocity, acceleration) require special consideration. An industry-like stacker crane is used as a testbed for validation. It is shown that both identifiability and observability can be improved by the additional sensors in many cases. There is a good agreement between the expected and measured frequency response when the acceleration sensor is mounted on the first or second mass. Deviations only occur when mounted on the load suspension device, which is assumed to be the third mass.

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