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Finale Demonstration des EU-Projektes µRALP

Final demonstration of the European Union project µRALP

European Union project µRALP involving five partner institutions had its final demonstration event at the anatomical lab of the University Hospital in Besançon, France. During the project, a novel, robot-assisted system for laser microsurgery of the vocal folds was developed and demonstrated on February 19, 2015. As part of the EU Seventh Framework (FP7), the project has been carried out in cooperation with the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), the FEMTO-ST (CNRS, ENSMM), and the university hospitals in Besançon and Genoa.

The research activities of the Institute of Mechatronic Systems focused on the development of the endoscopic system itself, the integration of a surgical laser as well as the realization and investigations of augmented reality methods based on intraoperative video data.

The demonstration of the final surgical prototype was accompanied by French-German TV channel arte that presents the project within arte future .

This research received funding from the European Union FP7 under grant agreement  µRALP - n° 288663.