Neue Veröffentlichung im SLAS

We are pleased that our contribution was published in the reputable Technology Journal of the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS). Congratulations to the authors!

Achieving near-zero particle generation by simplicity of design—A compliant-mechanism-based gripper for clean-room environments. Leon Budde, Jakob Hentschel, Sontje Ihler, Thomas Seel

The article describes the development and evaluation of a new gripper for laboratory automation. What makes this gripper special is that it consists of a single compliant mechanism, reducing wear—a crucial feature for preventing contamination in highly sensitive applications. We demonstrated this reduced particle emission through experiments in the clean room at the Institute for Microproduction Technology (IMPT), highlighting the significant potential of using compliant mechanisms in laboratory automation.

We extend our gratitude to the entire team, especially Leon, for their dedicated work on this project. Your collaboration and hard work played a pivotal role in our success.