Dipl.-Ing. Kathrin Nülle

Dipl.-Ing. Kathrin Nülle
Dipl.-Ing. Kathrin Nülle
Research Staff
Institute of Mechatronic Systems
Research Staff
Robotics & Autonomous Systems


  • Modeling of parallel-continuous manipulators

A parallel-continuous manipulator (PCM) is characterized by a coupled, parallel structure of several continuum robots. My research focuses on kinematic and mechanic modeling of PCM as well as their kinematic performances. Furthermore, I investigate constructional design of the joint design and stiffness of PCM to evaluate the created models experimentally.


  • Mobile, self-locating camera-projector-system for augmented-reality applications

My research work focused on mobile robotics and augmented reality systems until 2017. As part of the "3. Arm" project, I developed an augmented-reality system to assist craftsmen. The system self-localizes within a room and displays additional blueprint information in correct position.




  • master thesis: Cosserat Rod Modeling and Analysis of a Parallel
    Continuum Robot


  • project thesis: Implementation and evaluation of a delta robot for 3D printing (external)
  • project thesis: Construction and evaluation of base joints for tendon-actuated continuum robots
  • project thesis: Modeling and comparision of a parallel-kinematic machine to a parallel continuous manipulator
  • master thesis: Autonomous opening and traversal of doors by a redundant mobile manipulator
  • project thesis: Intelligent gripping - object recognition for gripping tasks out of boxes using machine learning (external)
  • master thesis: Kinematics modeling of a multibackbone continuum robot with machine learning


  • project thesis: Concept evaluation - implementation of virtual fixtures for a SLAM localized, mobile robot
  • project thesis: Image-based detection and visualization of rotation-symmetrically tool
  • master thesis: Evaluation and implementation of visual localization algorithms using OpenStreetMap (external)
  • project thesis:Registration of a CAD model and a point cloud
  • master thesis: Pose estimation of a RGB-D-camera through gratual matching against a rough CAD-model


  • diploma thesis: Opimization of a visual SLAM approach for an embedded system
  • bachelor thesis: Localization in a 3D-environment using a kinect
  • master thesis: Development of a 3D localization function for an augmented reality app
  • master thesis: Development of an assistant function for a body-worn, third arm


  • bachelor thesis: Conception of a mechatronic assistance system for craftsmen
  • laboratory thesis: Determination of load capacity of magnetic bearings for fixation of a mini-hexapoden to a patient's skull