M. Sc. Marvin Stüde

M. Sc. Marvin Stüde
An der Universität 1
30823 Garbsen
M. Sc. Marvin Stüde
An der Universität 1
30823 Garbsen
Research Staff
Robotics & Autonomous Systems


  • Implementation of robot-assisted orientation systems at the Campus Maschinenbau

    The Campus Maschinenbau is the University's largest new construction project and is scheduled to commence its final operation in the winter semester of 2019/20. To faciliate orientation at the campus and answer requests of different kinds, the purpose of this project is to conceptualize and implement a robot-assisted orientation system. The robot is supposed to provide information from the central information- and room-planning system and will also work as a guide for people who require orientation at the campus. Questions like „Where is the Dean's office?“, „Where's the cafeteria and what's todays menu"?“ and „In which room is the mechanics exam?“ must be answered clearly. 

    The mobile robot is equipped with several sensors, e.g. a 3D laserscanner or RGBD cameras. Research questions mainly arise in the areas of autonomous (longterm) localisation, mapping and navigation in indoor and outdoor scenarios.


Current student research projects

  • If you would like to do some research related to my project, please send me an e-mail.

Supervised student research projects


  • Project thesis: Evaluation and error modeling of image- and depth-based detectors for real-time person tracking of mobile robotic systems
  • Master thesis: Robust and autonomous long-term navigation of a social mobile robot
  • Master thesis: Gaussian process based spatio-temporal prediction of the number of people in large-area environments
  • Project thesis: Frequency-based modeling for the prediction of person-appearance probabilities.
  • Project thesis: Development of a monitoring interface for the long-term autonomy of a mobile robot


  • Master thesis: Development and implementation of a tele-operation interface for rehabilitation therapy with a collaborative robot system
  • Master thesis: Improving path planning in multi-robot scenarios through the use of shared information
  • Master thesis: Conceptual design of a module framework for superstructure systems of mobile robots for the automation of service activities in the healthcare sector
  • Master thesis: Have I been here before? Learning Graph-Based SLAM Methods to Close the Loop with LiDAR Data 
  • Project thesis: Development of a sequence control for the user interface of a humanoid service robot 
  • Project thesis: Robust Indoor Auto-Docking to Passive Charging Station for an Autonomous Mobile Robot 


  • Master thesis: Autonomous social navigation and guidance by a mobile service robot
  • Master thesis: Behavior Tree based sequence control of a mobile service robot for symbiotic autonomy
  • Bachelor thesis: Actuation and control of a humanoid service robot with the focus on safe human-robot interaction
  • Master thesis: Autonomous Large-Scale and Long-Term SLAM for In- and Outdoor Navigation
  • Bachelor thesis: Use of Wi-Fi Information toSupport the Localization of a Mobile Robot
  • Master thesis: Development of a Voice User Interface and Dynamic Task Scheduling for a Mobile Service Robot
  • Master thesis: Control of a robotic platform for autonomous weed control based on visual and satellite-based localization
  • Bachelor thesis: Automation of a welding process using a collaborative robot
  • Bachelor thesis: Development of an Android App for Control and Information Output of a Mobile Service Robot


  • Project thesis: Distance based mapping and localization in large in- and outdoor areas