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Implementierung robotergestützter Orientierungssysteme auf dem Campus Maschinenbau

Implementation of robot-assisted orientation systems at the Campus Maschinenbau

Team:  M.Sc. Marvin Stüde
Year:  2018
Funding:  Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Duration:  01.03.2018 - 28.02.2023

The Campus Maschinenbau was the University's largest new construction project and commenced its final operation in the year 2020. To faciliate orientation at the campus and answer requests of different kinds, the purpose of this project is to conceptualize and implement a robot-assisted orientation system. The robot is supposed to provide information from the central information- and room-planning system and will also work as a guide for people who require orientation at the campus. Questions such as "Where is the Dean's Office?", "How do I get to the Mensa and what's today's menue?" and "Where is the mechanics examination taking place today?" should be answered by the system. Guided tours for interested student and visitor groups as well as for individuals will be possible. 

The mobile robot will be equipped with various sensors, such as a 3D laser scanner and RGB-D cameras. Research questions arise in particular in the areas of autonomous (long-term) localisation and navigation in indoor and outdoor environments as well as human-robot-interaction.

Online documentation for the robot Sobi: