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Hackathon "Mobile Manipulation"

The aim of the tutorial is to program industry-wide applications with mobile robots. The event will take place as part of the robot factory. In teams, the participants independently develop solutions for a given task from the context of mobile manipulation in order to test and consolidate the theoretical knowledge gained in the course of the event on mobile robot systems. The applications to be programmed during the 4-5 day block event include questions from various disciplines, such as mobile manipulation, object recognition, localization or navigation. The programming itself is carried out using the ROS (Robot Operating System) framework in the C + + programming language.


The tutorial is offered every semester.


The tutorial is part of the project roboterfabrik.

In order to make Hannover a leading robotics location, the roboterfabrik project was launched in cooperation with the Hannover Region. The project pursues a continuous approach to the training of so-called robotics natives, which begins at the school (Roberta Regio Center) and continues at the university (imes: mobile robotics, IRT: collaborative robotics).


The Hackathon takes place in the winter semester 18/19 from 01.04.-05.04.2019.

The registration takes place from 11.02.2019 8:00 clock by mail to daniel.kaczorimes.uni-hannover.de - Subject: Hackathon

There are 10 participant places.

Further information about Stud.IP.

Previous Knowledge:

We recommend knowledge from the lectures Robotics I and Robotics II, as well as experience in object-oriented programming.


Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Kaczor

Tel: 0511-762-19593

E-Mail: daniel.kaczorimes.uni-hannover.de