Institute of Mechatronic Systems Institute
History of the Institute

The emergence of the Institute

The Institute of Mechatronic Systems arose from the former Institute of Mechanics. The latter had been divided into the departements of Elasto- and Plastomechanics (Mechanics A), of Dynamics and Vibration Research (Mechanics B) and of Robotic and Mechatronic (Mechanics C).

These departements were represented by Professor D. Besdo (1978-2006), Professor K. Popp (1981-2005) and Professor B. Heimann (1992-2008). Together with many assistants they managed to establish the Institute of Mechanics as an institution, which succesfully adresses modern problems of science and industriel development.

From the Institute of Mechanics with its departements A, B and C the three institutes of Continuum Mechanics, of Dynamics and Vibration Research and of Robotics were built in the year 2005. They have been chaired by Prof. Dr.-Ing. P. Wriggers (since 10/2008), Prof. Dr.-Ing. J. Wallaschek (since 04/2007) and Prof. Dr.-Ing. T. Ortmaier (since10/2008), respectively.

The Institute of Robotics was renamed Institute of Mechatronic Systems in April 2009. Its focuses in research and teaching are Robotics, Autonomous Systems, Productions Engineering, Automotive Mechatronics and Medical Systems. Questions on modelling, dynamics and control theories and sensor systems are adressed.

The development of teaching

The increasing requirements in the interdisciplinary field of mechatronics require a synthesis of the available ressources from mechanical and electrial engineering, data processing and computer science. Therefore, the Mechatronic-Centre of Hanover (MZH) was founded with support by the state of Lower Saxony in the year 2000. The Institute of Mechatronic Systems, respectively its predecessors, are founding members of the MZH.

At the moment, the MZH incoporates 16 institutes from the Faculties of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The Institute of Mechatronic Systems has always been involved in student education. An interdisciplinary course of Mechatronics for students of Mechanical Engineering was established in winter term 93/94 for the first time.

One year later – in winter term 94/95 – the courses of Mechatronics started also for students of Electronical Engineering and Computer Science. However, contents in the courses of study were different. Primary in the year 2000 the „symmetrical“ courses of Mechatronics were established, which are commonly organized by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. These courses are widely accepted by the students.

Author: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bodo Heimann