Institute of Mechatronic Systems Research Research Projects
Energy efficient path planning for industrial robots

Energy efficient path planning for industrial robots

Year:  2015
Date:  13-04-15
Funding:  Industry
Is Finished:  yes

Due to continuously rising energy prices and increasing societal relevance, it is highly important to make industrial manufacturing processes as efficient as possible. This can be achieved in various ways, e. g. by using efficient hardware components or by improving the path planning of a mechatronic system.

This project focuses on improving the energy efficiency of industrial robots by optimising the path planning algorithms. Intelligent path planning approaches can increase the energy efficiency by avoiding unfavourable operating points or by utilising the eletrical as well as the mechanical couplings of the axes. In order to optimise the path, it is necessary to simulate the comprehensive drive system as well as the robot's mechanics. The energy-optimal path is determined using non-linear optimisation algorithms.