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Online Friction Estimation

Team:  Dr.-Ing. Ahmed Trabelsi
Year:  2005
Funding:  Industry
Is Finished:  yes

Online Friction Estimation

The further development and optimization of both car safety and control systems requires precise knowledge of process performance and parameter dependency of relevant system parameters. Therefore, these parameters must be measured using appropriate sensors, estimated or derived from existing parameters and system data. A particularly important parameter for the development of steering and control systems for motor vehicles is the friction coefficient between the tires and the road. Although the available friction coefficient determines the transmittable forces and, thereby, is the physical limiting value of driving maneuvers, it is unknown to both the driver as well as to the driving dynamic control and safety system. This project is carried out in cooperation with an automotive component supplier company and examines the feasibility of friction coefficient prognosis in automobiles on the basis of a multi sensor concept. The main focus of the project lies in the automotive technique, measurement technology, and digital signal processing.