Institute of Mechatronic Systems Research Research Projects
PaLiDA - Parallel Kinematic with Linear Direct Drives

PaLiDA - Parallel Kinematic with Linear Direct Drives

Team:  Dr.-Ing. Houssem Abdellatif
Year:  2008
Funding:  German Research Foundation (DFG)
Is Finished:  yes

PaLiDA - parallel kinematic with linear direct drives

The experimental equipment PaLiDA is used at the MZH in line with the DFG main focus program "production machines with parallel kinematics". By this project the advantages of the combination of parallel construction with high dynamic drives should be exploited, analysed and advanced. This affords the future use of parallel kinematics in the industrial production to the augmenattion of productivity.


The parallel kinematics with linear direct drives PaLiDA offers in the field of control further potential of development. The experimental equipment is full operative and disposes next to a robust control of a feed-forward control of the static, dynamic and friction forces. To the augmentation of the dynamic positioning accuracy arises indeed further research possibilities (e.g. modell based, non-linear or adaptive control). Moreover it is necessary to make force guided processes accessible using cartesian force and impedance control.