Team:  M. Sc. Tim-Lukas Habich
Year:  2023
Funding:  Region Hannover
Duration:  01/2023-12/2025

Robotics is currently emerging as a key technology for the future. In order to establish Hanover as a leading venue for robotics, the project roboterfabrik was launched as a cooperation between Region Hannover, Leibniz Universität and Roberta Regiozentrum Hannover. The roboterfabrik pursues a continuous approach for the education of so-called Robotic Natives, spanning from school to university. At school, Roberta Regiozentrum Hannover helps students get in contact with robotics and teaches the basic concepts in different practical courses. At university, the Institute of Automatic Control (irt) and the Institute of Mechatronic Systems (imes) provide the in-depth academic education for future robotics professionals. One major goal of the project is to give students the opportunity to apply the methods learned in classical lectures to real-world problems in additional practical courses. In the so-called Robothons, for example, teams of students are given one week time to work on a self-directed project with real robots. Thematically, the courses are connected to the research activities in mobile robotics at imes and collaborating robotics at irt. Educational programs in robotics for career guidance and for company employees are also offered.