Student research projects and theses

If you are interested in a student thesis, please first check whether you find a suitable one among the currently advertised topics.

It is not uncommon for topics to be assigned individually after consultation with the individual employees. Therefore, please feel free to contact us directly! The standard procedure is:

  • Take your time to take a look at the current projects at imes.
  • If you have found interesting topics, write an email directly to the project team member and ask him or her what open topics currently exist that are suitable for a student project. The more individually you formulate your inquiry, the higher are your chances for finding a suitable topic! In doing so, you should also pay particular attention to your previous knowledge and interests. This is the only way we can meet your personal wishes and aptitudes.
  • If there is the possibility for a student work in the project, all further details will be clarified in a personal discussion.

The project-related inquiries have not yet helped or were not the right ones?

If so, you are also welcome to contact the leaders of the individual research groups that are closest to your area of interest:

M. Sc. Karl-Philipp Kortmann
Identification & Control
M. Sc. Sontje Ihler
Medical Technology & Image Processing

Please make sure that your inquiry contains all important information so that the suitability of topics can be considered:

  • What are you studying?
  • What are your previous knowledge and interests? What did you do, for example, in your previous student work or which lectures did you attend at imes?
  • When would you like to start working?

The group leaders will then discuss in close consultation with the employees which topics can be offered to you. 

For external theses the procedure is described in the following guideline.