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Aktive Beeinflussung des Werkzeugsverschleißes beim Außenrundeinstechschleifen

Active Manipulation of the Abrasion of the Tool in External Cylindrical Plunge Grinding

Team:  Dipl.-Ing. Markus Ahrens
Year:  2011
Funding:  German research Foundation (DFG)

Process-caused vibrations are appearing during the grinding conditioned by the finite compliance of the system. Chattering can be induced by this, which has a bad influence on the abrasion of the tool, the dynamic load of the arbor and on the quality of the work piece. To avoid chattering caused by abrasion of the tool true running cycles are frequently needed nowadays.

The goal of this DFG-project in cooperation with the institute of metal forming and metal forming machines is to build an active damping of chattering conditioned by the abrasion of the tool. Therefore additional forces are led in by an electromagnetical actuator.

To realize such a system possibilities for the identification of the abrasion of the tool are explored. For the detection of chattering a multi-sensorial chattering-detector will be introduced consisting of acoustic emission, force and eddy current sensors.