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Analysis of vehicle drive-train vibrations

Analysis of vehicle drive-train vibrations

Team:  M. Sc. Eduard Popp
Year:  2015
Funding:  IAV GmbH
Is Finished:  yes

Analysis of vehicle drive-train vibrations



A current project is the analysis of vehicle drive-train vibrations in the powertrain of a passenger car. The aim of the research project is to analyse individual phenomena and identify their causes. This knowledge can be used in order to find suitable software or hardware measures that reduce or avoid this vibrations. This work is being carried out as part of an industrial project with IAV GmbH.



Due to the increasing demand for driving comfort in passenger cars and the desire to implement an environmentally friendly driving style, the scope of engine control unit functions and application parameters is increasing. In such cases that the hardware components are not well calibrated with the software functions vibration phenomena may occur. Possible roots are mechanical components such as the dual-mass flywheel or injectors, which show deviations due to manufacturing tolerances or can be faulty. A further challenge is the increased cost pressure and an increasing number of variants  so that appropriate controller design in the same period of time is becoming less feasible. In order to counter this conflict a model-based approach is taken into account  in cooperation with IAV GmbH. The drive-train behavior is simulated in interaction with the implemented control structures of the engine control unit. In particular, the goal is to map vibration phenomena and to find a parameterization for a robust control system.