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Analyse der frühembryonalen Herzentwicklung

Environment Chamber

Team:  Dipl.-Ing. J. Thommes
Year:  2011
Funding:  German Research Foundation (DFG)
Is Finished:  yes

Environment Chamber

External influences on the early embryonic heart play a large role in the following cardiovascular development and the heart's efficiency. Especially in the first week of growth, a closer investigation of these relations is necessary. In cooperation with the Pediatric Cardiology at the Medical School Hannover (MHH) it is intended to accomplish the investigations at chicken embryos.


In order to be able to observe the embryo during a period of at least 6 days with the help of a high-speed camera under variation of different influences, this must be present in a shell-less culture. Essential functions fulfilled by an intact eggshell must be artificially maintained in order to keep the embryos alive. This contains high requirements concerning ambient temperature stability, as well as a sufficiently high humidity. For this purpose a climatic chamber was developed, in order to become fair these requirements.