Institute of Mechatronic Systems Research Research Projects
simTrailer - Complete, Model-based State Monitoring of Trailers

simTrailer - Complete, Model-based State Monitoring of Trailers

Team:  Zygimantas Ziaukas, M .Sc.
Year:  2017
Funding:  BPW Bergische Achsen KG

Trucks are already generously equipped with electronic components, which make it possible to implement modern driver assistance systems and monitoring functions. In contrast, the number of electronic components in trailers is low. Especially with regard to the development of autonomous vehicles, the requirements for the trailer are increasing. For example, state and parameters of the trailer that are monitored by the driver nowadays must be fully automated and transmitted to the vehicle operator in the future.

Due to the environmental conditions and the cost pressure of the transport industry, an exctensive equipment with sensors is not economically feasible. In the context of this project, online-capable methods for model-based state and parameter estimation are investigated in order to make the use of existing and / or additional sensors as efficient as possible.