Institute of Mechatronic Systems Studies Bachelor and Master Thesis
Guideline for carrying out external work at imes

Guideline for carrying out external work at imes

A student project is an examination. The task is therefore usually set by the institutes of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. In exceptional cases, imes offers the possibility of supervising student work (project/study/diploma/bachelor's/master's theses) that is carried out externally at non-university institutions. If you would like your external student work to be supervised by an imes research assistant, please note the following requirements:


  • You must have completed and passed a student project at imes or have worked as a student assistant (HiWi) at imes for a period of four months before starting the external project. Since intensive supervision by the institute is not possible for an external thesis, this is intended to enable students to get to know each other in advance.
  •  The topic of the student's thesis must fit in with the current specialist focus of the institute or the research groups (identification and control, robotics and autonomous systems, medical technology and image processing).
  •  The topic of the student's work must meet sufficient scientific standards in order to be recognized as an examination achievement.

If you meet the above requirements, please proceed as follows:

  • Identify the imes research group that matches your topic. Further information on the focus of the groups can be found here.
  • In consultation with the external institution, prepare a detailed task as a draft (at least one DIN A4 page using the template) and a schedule (e.g. Gantt chart) for carrying out the work.

  • Please contact the respective group leader of the selected research group. Attach the assignment and the timetable to your letter. Please briefly explain to what extent the content of the work to be supervised corresponds to the research focus of the imes. In addition, comment on your previous employment at the institute (supervisor, topic, type and duration of employment).


The group leader will check your documents and provide feedback on the possibility of supervision at short notice (usually within a week). Please note that the supervision of the thesis by the imes only becomes binding with a confirmation from the head of the institute in the form of the signed assignment. The thesis includes a concept presentation at the beginning and a final presentation at the end. The presence of the external supervisor is mandatory for both presentations. If the contents of the work are subject to confidentiality, the following blocking note can be included in the written work.

The thesis is part of the curriculum to be completed by the student. It is therefore not possible to pay the student for the external work. An expense allowance, which must be in proportion to the actual costs incurred, may be granted by the external institutions in individual cases.