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Practical knowledge for tech-startup-founders

Practical Knowledge for Tech-Startup-Founders

Mainly, the lecture "Practical knowledge for tech-startup-founders" will cover basic skills in establishing and leading a start-up company. The topics reach from methodological approaches (developing business models / identify market metrics / etc.) to most relevant planning instruments (businessplan / finances / etc.). In addition, field trips will provide hands on experience by successful entrepreneurs.

Topics (subject to alterations)

In the following the main topics of the lecture "Practical knowledge for tech-startup-founders" are listed:

  • Start-up methods
  • Market research
  • Start-up financing
  • Supporting institutions

Course Material

Lecture notes are offered at Stud.IP with the beginning of winter term 2016/17. Amongst others, these include the lecture notes as well as exercises. Please notice: Lecture notes as well as the lecture itself are given in German.


  • Lecturer: Tobias Quebe
  • Term: summer term
  • Lectures: 
    The lectures are given every wednesday 14:00 - 15:30 pm, room A145 (Appelstr. 11, building 3403).
  • Tutorials:
    The tutorials are given every thursday 14:15 - 15:45 pm, room A145 (Appelstr. 11, building 3403).

This course is given in each semester by alternating lecturers. The content is identical in each semester.